Unlike “Vegan Leather" that relies on plastic materials like PU and PVC, our approach harnesses sustainable agricultural food waste and propels the industry towards a more environmentally conscious future AAMATI Green distinguishes itself from animal skin and synthetic through its innovative patented plant-based approach.

What is Mango Leather?

Mango leather also known as Fruit leather is a natural and sustainable material made from mango waste. What sets us apart from existing alternatives is our commitment to utilizing bio-polymers derived from fermented fiber material obtained from mango waste. This innovative process yields remarkable leather-like material that epitomizes ecological consciousness, Bio-degradability, and sustainability.

Sustainable sourcing

we source waste mango directly from farmers and incentivise them for waste

unlike animal skin and plastic-based synthetic leather, we are plant-based bio-degradable leather

we hold exclusive manufacturing rights and patent License on the technology developed in collaboration with CSIR-CLRI

Luxury innovation
Revolutionary material